Saturday, 28 April 2012

A confession (or two)

I have several confessions to make. One is that I am a terrible blogger! My to-post list is as long as my arm, but I am horribly remiss in getting them done. Will work on that.

Tick tock.

Second, I seem to be developing an addictive fondness for silk/cashmere blend yarns... It's decadence up there with warm chocolate fudge cake in the bath. I've been lucky enough to find quite a few lately and I just love unravelling them! It's so so smooth and soft on the hands.
And my third confession - here we come to the crux of this post - is that I am a very slow knitter. Not just very slow, but very bad at finishing anything! The trouble is a case of the 'ooh, shiny's! That new exciting project is more likely to get started than the old and increasingly annoying one is to get finished. So I don't often have FOs to show off here or on Ravelry. I will do my best, and there are at least one or two projects I mean to post about - but once my back catalogue is exhausted, I'm going to be short on new unravelled and reinvented projects to show off!

Feeling guilty, owl?
That's where you come in. I hope. My aim is to get you out there, my readers, and customers of the Rewound shop, to send me *your* recycled/upcycled/reclaimed (whatever you like to call them!) projects - so I have something fabulous to blog about! It doesn't even have to be limited to knitting. I love hearing about all the great ways people find to reuse and recycle, be it yarn, clothing, or just an old cardboard box.

So hit me up, people. Send me your stuff, ideas, project notes... And there might be a discount voucher in it for you!

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